Audio from “Subversive Skype Series: Intersectionality Theory”

No Están Solos recently hosted a presentation and discussion on intersectionality theory. Eve Mitchell, an organizer and militant in New York City, joined us via skype to present a summary of her essay “I am a Woman and a Human.” We are posting an audio recording from the event for those who were unable to make it out.

Since the 1980s, “Intersectionality Theory” has become a broad framework often used by the left to theorize the complex relationship between class, race, and gender in today’s capitalist society. The historical roots and the methodology of this theory are important to understand. It is equally important for us to examine our current conditions and the various movements of exploited peoples today in order to ask whether intersectionality theory is a useful tool or one which must be transcended. Can intersectionality and Marxist theory work together or are they competing theories of resistance?

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